UiPath RPA Associate Developer

Splunk Core Certified User

Learn how to search, analyze, report, and extract valuable insights out of your machine generated data.


Course Introduction

What is Splunk? Splunk is an innovative technology which searches and indexes log files and helps organizations derive insights from the data. Splunk is used for monitoring and searching through big data. It indexes and correlates information in a container that makes it searchable, and makes it possible to generate alerts, reports and visualizations. It can recognize data patterns, create metrics and help diagnose problems, for business challenges like IT management, security and compliance.

What you'll learn

Search Fundamentals

Learn the basic search commands and how to construct and manage searches in Splunk.

Splunk Interface

Familiarize yourself with the Splunk interface, including navigation, dashboards, and visualizations.

Field Extraction

Understand how to extract fields from data, including using regular expressions and delimiters.

Alerts and Scheduled Reports

Learn how to create alerts and scheduled reports to automate monitoring and analysis.

Splunk Apps and Addons

Explore Splunk apps and add-ons, including how to install, configure, and use them.

Splunk Architecture

Understand the architecture of Splunk, including indexers, search heads, and forwarders, and how they work together to manage data.

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Course Curriculum

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